Home Care

Five years prior to commencing operations at its inpatient facility, Karunashraya launched home care services. Given that its experience in home care has enhanced its expertise over the years and that the home care services have been highly sought after, in the recent past Karunashraya has added another team to cope with the demand better. To increase coverage and to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the home care teams, two Home Care teams have been deployed that travel through the city to provide home care services.

The Home care teams now comprise of multi-disciplinary nurses, a physiotherapist, a health assistant and a social worker who give Palliative Care including counseling and non-curative treatment. During the last two decades, Karunashraya has cared for around 3000 patients. The average number of patients under its care at any point of time is around 50.

Our home care programme is a testimony to our flexible approach in palliative care, focused primarily on a patient’s need for comfort. Patients can take advantage of this flexibility to alternate between their home and the hospice.