Karunashraya and the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) joined hands on 19th September 2015 when they signed an MOU to collaborate on research and education. This has been a significant milestone. As a result of this collaboration, we now have access to the vast research resources, medical acumen and experience of the renowned Institute, which will help us immensely in improving the care of our patients.

KARUNASHRAYA & Cardiff University

For over two decades, Cardiff University has been running a highly acclaimed Post Graduate programme in Palliative Medicine. In 2007, the University signed an MOU with Bangalore Hospice Trust, whereby Karunashraya has become the centre hosting the Diploma Course for doctors in India and other neighbouring countries. Altogether, over 75 doctors have successfully completed the diploma and several have gone to undertake their MSc.

This has been a long and fruitful partnership and we are delighted the MOU has been extended to 2017. The expertise of the staff in the Department of Palliative Medicine in Cardiff has also helped us to devise several short-term programmes (one to three days) for local doctors, nurses and other Health Care Professionals.


A three way partnership between the Department of Palliative Medicine of Cardiff University, Karunashraya and e-cancer has led to the development of an e-learning course. This course, which will be available free on-line, is made up of 20 one-hour modules covering various aspects of palliative care such as management of different symptoms, use of opioids, communication skills and paediatrics. Contributors include Palliative Care experts from all over India and the modules set firmly within the Indian context.

KARUNASHRAYA & Severn Hospice, UK

A long-standing  ” Twinning” arrangement, dating back to our Inauguration in 1999, has led to the regular exchanges of ideas, guidelines and education. The mutual support has been extremely beneficial for both organisations and led to increasing experience, particularly with the exchange of staff members.