What is Hospice Care

HOSPICE CARE – a kind of care where supportive/palliative treatment is given to terminally ill  patients. Medical, nursing and psychosocial care is provided.

Hospice services: Hospices provide a range of services which include: pain and symptom control, psychological and social support, rehabilitation, complementary therapies, such as massage and counseling, spiritual care, and support in bereavement.

Palliative Care – The concept of palliative is not restricted to oncology but also extends to  various life limiting illnesses. The goal of palliative care is to support your patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs from diagnosis through treatment, any symptoms or side effects, emotional well-being, and other factors. For addressing these issues, every doctor should know the basics of palliative care, which adds to their medical skills… By promoting palliative care you can alleviate suffering and improve quality of life of the patients.