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Welcome to Karunashraya

Abode for terminally ill cancer patients.

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About Karunashraya

Bangalore Hospice Trust – Karunashraya is a joint project of the Indian Cancer Society (Karnataka Chapter) and the Rotary Club of Bangalore Indiranagar, to provide free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients who are beyond cure.

Karunashraya is a joint project of the Indian Cancer Society

What is Palliative care?

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families, facing problems associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual.

What is Hospice care?

HOSPICE CARE – a kind of care where supportive/palliative treatment is given to terminally ill patients. Medical, nursing and psychosocial care is provided. Hospices provide a range of services which include pain and symptom control, psychological and social support, rehabilitation complementary therapies, counseling, spiritual care, practical and financial advice, and support in bereavement.

Patients' Testimonials

Thanks for the respect for my dying mother, “An unforgettable day”, but I am happy that mother was sent with respect. I am speechless when I have to talk about it.

Thanks for everything, is all I would like to say.

I would love to contribute in some form for this cause.
You are doing a great job Doctor.


Gomadhy. D (Patients' family member)

Reaching Out

The Bangalore Hospice Trust (BHT)- Karunashraya, meaning an ‘Abode of compassion,’ was formed as a registered charitable trust by the Indian Cancer Society (Karnataka Chapter) and the Rotary Club of Bangalore Indiranagar to provide free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients who are beyond cure.

The first hospice of its genre in India to offer patients the flexibility of alternating between the hospice and their home, Karunashraya helps patients live without pain, and in dignity and peace, till their journey’s end. We have been offering in-patient care since 1999 and home care since 1995, tending to over 19,000 patients and touching the lives of their families by providing a supportive environment. If you or someone you deeply care for has been diagnosed with advanced stage cancer, we will be able to offer you constant care and comfort, relief from pain, and counselling to alleviate distress.

If you are not a patient or a loved one of a patient but are passionate about supporting our mission as a volunteer, donor, medical fraternity member; or want to know about the education we offer to less privileged girls to become health assistants in palliative care or to those aspiring to do further education in palliative care, you are in the right place.

Vision 2020

  • We will provide the highest quality in-patient and home-based palliative care, free of cost, to people with a life-limiting illness
  • Continuously improve the quality of palliative care provided through research, training and innovation
  • Play a lead role in advocacy of palliative care


To provide compassionate palliative care for people with a life-limiting illness, and for those important to them, through quality medical, emotional, spiritual and social support.

Funded by you

Karunashraya Hospice receives less than 20% funding from the different foundations. The remaining 80% comes from the kind donations made by Individuals like you. Please continue to show your support so that we can continue to provide the best professional palliative care for our patients and families. Thank you for your kindness

Our Aim

Our aim is to make sure that everyone with advanced stage cancer gets the very best care, and we believe hospices are critical to achieving this. The support we give to hospices is aimed at giving them the skills and expertise they need to provide the best possible care, as well as equipping them with the resources needed to run and grow their services.

Over 150

We have more than 150 staff members – both full and part-time – all offering their own unique skills to make a diverse and talented team.

Over 14000

We have extended care to over 14000 patients, of which over 7000 have breathed their last peacefully and with dignity after being given professional and compassionate care and comfort.

Over 3500
Homecare patients

Our dedicated home care team of experienced nurses and counselors provide free medical and psychological support to patients and their families, in and around Bangalore in the comfort of their homes – free of charge.


Awards and recognition are not the purpose of life and not the goal of a nonprofit organization, but sometimes a Plaque recognizes our devotion and commitment towards the cause.

Our Team

Mr. Kishore S.Rao


Mr. Gurmeet Singh

Managing Trustee

Medical Director in Karunashraya
Dr. Nagesh Simha

MS(Gen Surg), MSc Pall Med (Cardiff), FRCP (Lon)
Medical Director

Mrs. Kala Devarajan
Mrs. Kala Devarajan


Director of Education and Research karunashraya
Dr. Jeremy R Johnson MBE

BSc (Hons), MBChB, FRCP (Oncology)
Emeritus Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Director of Education and Research

Karunashraya CEO
Mr. Mathew George Chandy

Chief Executive Officer


  • Sushruthi Krishna

    “To me, this redefines the meaning of celebrating life and the meaning of unconditional love. Keep doing amazing work.”

  • rahul-dravid-image

    ” Karunashraya’s effort to alleviate the suffering of its patients is commendable. Since inception, the team has touched the lives of thousands of people, helping those who are most in need of care. I am deeply appreciative of the Trust’s efforts in providing dignity to life when there is little else “left and I hope more people will step forward to lend their support.

  • amir-image

    “… It has been a very moving experience and a life-affirming one…”