About Us

Karunashraya, meaning ‘an abode of compassion’ is a five-acre haven of lush greenery, bird  song and peace, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a densely populated, prime location on Old Airport – Varthur Main Road, just prior to the Kundalahalli Junction. The building that houses the hospice with its stone exterior is impressive and has won acclaim as one of the most well-designed hospice buildings in “20th Century World Architecture – The Phaidon Atlas Buildings Completed between 1900 and 1999”.

PALLIATIVE CARE & KARUNASHRAYA: Cancer is a leading cause of death in India with nearly 3 million suffering from it. WHO predicts that 700,000 people will succumb to the disease on an annual basis by 2015. Nearly 80% of cancer patients in India access medical help when there is no hope for cure! The need for palliative care has never been more critical, especially in Bangalore – the ‘Cancer Capital of India’.

The building architected by M/s Chandavarkar & Thacker is a green marvel. Both the architectural team and the Karunashraya team were ahead of their times in thinking green.