Charity Shop


Shop Timings: Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The idea of a charity shop took seed many years ago and was envisaged by Sister Blaise who was instrumental in helping set up its functioning under the able guidance of the hospice’s Board of Trustees. However, the idea took sometime to fructify.

From the first year of its efficient running in 2012, The Karunashraya Shop has proved its worth and capability to constantly generate funds. All proceeds by the shop through the sale of donated items of serviceable quality go towards the care of advanced stage cancer patients entrusted in Karunashraya’s care.


You are welcome to donate in kind to The Karunashraya Shop. Items that are useful to patients are taken by Karunashraya like wearable clothes or clothes which can be made into strips, sterilized and used to protect dressings for oozing wounds.  Other used items of serviceable quality are priced nominally.

You can donate used but serviceable quality items or brand new ones and anything from a book, to a dress, to a furniture set. If you have anything to donate, please send the same across to Karunashraya and contact the reception. You will be provided an acknowledgement for your contribution.

All proceeds from charity sales and the sale of goods at the shop go towards patient care.

You can also visit the shop and browse around.  Who knows what treasure you may find!

Either call 080 4268 5666 or visit us to donate to the shop