CSR & Events

Corporate Social Responsibility is bringing communities and corporations together in ways that will change the future. Corporations, NGOs, Agencies, Universities and Organizations interested in participating, promoting and communicating their corporate citizenship, sustainability, philanthropy and socially responsible initiatives to a global audience can do so by conducting several CSR events and subsequently raise funds for Karunashraya.

Some companies want to donate because they believe in the concept of supporting the local community at grassroots level; other companies want to increase their profile in the local community, some want to boost their corporate social responsibility credentials and others want to increase staff morale and retention and employ volunteering activities in ways to do this. Whatever the reason, rarely did anyone write a cheque for nothing. There is always a reason for what they do and it is your task to discover what that is.

Karunashraya CSR events

Several fundraising activities can be conducted as part of your firm’s CSR which would also provide you an opportunity to raise awareness about Karunashraya’s work. It could be a music concert, a standup comedy night, corporate dinners, or a charity ball.

All these activities offer a variety of opportunities for promoting the work of the companies, assisting them achieve their charitable goals in the following ways: branding of company logos in promotional material for events, sponsorship deals for main events, newspaper articles to promote events and publicize good work.

Several fundraising activities