CSR Testimonials

Today was a day of awareness and education about palliative care. I have been to hospitals but never to a palliative care centre like KARUNASHRAYA. Truly humbled by what we saw, heard and experienced here.

This phase of life can hit us at any point of time so truly understanding the emotions/life changing situation was an eye opener.

The unsung heroes are the nurses and care givers- who seemed to be executing their daily patient care with a very positive disposition. Would like to be associated with an organization like this and see if I can also contribute in some way or the other.

CISCO- Global Support Exp Team (Sabina B.)

I stepped into Karunashraya this morning, as a part of the CSR activity, clueless as to what this organization does.

After listening the brief by Georjo, I was choked. Though I have a couple of my family members whoare cancer survivors, I had no clue about what people really undergo during their advanced stage.

Yes, what’s currently on my mind is, we are truly blessed with the life we have and there is nothing for us to complain about.Secondly we should look for every opportunity to show care, love and attention to the people around you who are in need.

And finally, kudos to all the people who are involved in such a noble cause and I would certainly want to involve and contribute to this great initiative in any way possible!


Bangalore Hospice trust’s campus is excellent and well built. The Concept of Hospice is something new to most of the crew members. The service provided here is a selfless activity which inspires every one of us to rethink our lifestyle and goals. The exposure these kinds of issues are very less. Keep doing the service and inspire many who visit here.

Good luck!

Cisco Systems India Ltd.

The visit we pay to Bangalore Hospices Trust’s monthly is one we all look forward to. More than performing, the ambience created due to the fun,is a welcome feeling. We’ll keep visitingevery month and spreading the love and music. This is an amazing initiative and should continue indefinitely.

All the Best!

Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

As a part of the CSR activity a group of 15 folks came to the Hospice. The visit was more than fruitful with an insight of what the Hospice is all about, different services offered; positive attitude carried by the folks who work here gave a whole new perspective of the centre. The brief by Georjo and a walk around the place of different sections covering most of the areas of the building was insightful.

I must confess it’s a great place for the people who come in their last stage. It’s not just a set of duties that the people do here but with the flavor of love and caring that adds to the service. You guys are doing a fantastic job by taking one step at a time and making a huge difference to the community.

Good job keep going!

Dell Technologies

I visited this place to understand how it works, trying to gain perspective to help open a similar centre in Bihar. It is beautifully managed and a place of service, learning, training and much more.

I will be going back with ideas to run the centre.

Dr. Urnesh Kumar Bhartani

Professor & Head of Department of Anesthesiology & Palliative Care

All of you have been doing selfless job which should reach every nook and corner of our country. I think it’s the ultimate feeling of satisfaction to see the patients receive such good palliative care. The praise for the staff is ineffable. I am really overwhelmed by the ambience, maintenance, the tranquility, the serenity. God is present here.

Hope I too get a chance to serve here in some way

Dr. B.K Geetha

It is indeed a heartening experience to take a journey into Karunashraya’s culture and infrastructure. It is necessary to state that this organization is in the forefront of providing holistic health care, till the last breath for the less fortunate.

Wishing them more laurels in this mission and all their efforts.

Dr. M.R Kulkarni

Vice President Karnataka Cancer Society