1. Is it an old age home / orphanage?
    Ans: No

  2.  Whether we keep patient at Karunashraya permanently?
    Ans: No

  3. Are patients with other terminal illness (except cancer) allowed admission?
    Ans: No

  4. How long the patient will live?

  5. a) What is cancer and its various stages?

    b) What is advance stage cancer? Is there is any treatment option available?

    c) What is palliative / supportive care? What medicines are given?

  1. What are the procedures performed?

  2. What is morphine? What are its side effects?

  3. Does morphine kill / addict patients?

  4. At the time of death do you provide certificates?

  5. What are the procedures to be followed?

  6.  Do you provide death certificates for patients dying at home?

  7.  Do you provide morphine at home?