Inpatient facility

If anything can help advanced stage cancer patients to feel better, it would be the sprawling, green, beautiful and well-designed facility at Karunashraya. Here, patients are admitted with the objective of alleviating pain and other distressing symptoms. Our team of Palliative Care professionals is trained to deal with the psychological and spiritual needs of the patients. The nursing staff is especially competent in handling their intensive minute-to-minute physical requirements. Together, they form a formidable support system that is difficult for patients’ families to provide in their homes during the last stages of Cancer. Thus with the care of Karunashraya’s well-trained and competent team of doctors, nurses, family counselors, physiotherapists, volunteers and administrative staff, they begin to heal spiritually and to come to terms with their illness.

cancer patients to feel better

A 75 bed In-Patient Facility was inaugurated in May 1999. Our patients and their families are provided free professional palliative care through appropriate medical and psychological interventions. Patients are admitted irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or economic backgrounds.

Karunashraya is the first hospice in India to offer the flexibility of alternating between our In-Patient facility (hospice) and their homes (Home care service).

The basis for a patient’s admission is the biopsy report confirming cancer and a certificate from the treating doctor/hospital confirming the advanced stage of the disease.

We request the family/relatives to bring the patient’s medical records for the doctor’s scrutiny before bringing in the patient.