Nursing Aid Training

BHT, besides providing Palliative Care for advanced stage cancer patients, is also doing yeomen service to the community by training young girls mainly from rural/less privileged backgrounds into nursing aid, who are eventually useful to any sort of patients, at their respective residence, thereby providing the youngster, a specialized vocational skill and the ailing patient, the much necessary and desired professional help at a very moderate and affordable cost. Besides this, the very poor parents of the girls also benefit from their daughter’s learning new skills and subsequent employability.

Women from the lower socio-economic group between the ages of 18 to 22 are trained as nursing aid, who would otherwise have not been able to go for higher education or make a career for themselves. The course duration is 6 months, rendered free of charge and this includes training – theory and practical, food and lodging. A monthly stipend is also paid to each trainee.  Once trained, the nursing aid are employed in the hospice as care-givers. BHT has completed 22 batches of training and the service continues to be successful. We are happy to report that this program achieves the twin goals of filling a niche need in the society around us, and also empowers these young women to have a career.